Radio Dada

Nu Radio for a Nu World

An experimental cabaret of drama, comedy, music, and chaos

What are we ?

Radio Dada is a venue for new and emerging experimental artists to present any and all forms of sound-art, no matter how abstract or outrageous. Curated by Jake Gonnella, we seek to elevate the voices of new creators through short collections of radio performance bi-weekly.

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Ep. 9 – The Village Of The Very Busy People Radio Dada

RADIO DADA returns, to celebrate AN ENTIRE YEAR of audio existence and obscurity!! We'd like to thank all who have helped us get this far, and we hope to bring you far more bizarrity in the year to come. We celebrate today with a work by Danny Lee, Allied Fracture, and Jesse Baird. THANK YOU, ENJOY, AND SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT
  1. Ep. 9 – The Village Of The Very Busy People
  2. Episode 8 – Black Dada Nihilismus
  3. Longmont Potion Castle
  4. There Should be a Bell Here
  5. Alice's Restaurant
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  7. Episode 3
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