Episode 8 – Black Dada Nihilismus

Radio Dada
Radio Dada
Episode 8 - Black Dada Nihilismus

RADIO DADA RETURNS with an eclectic episode, enjoy!!
“Black Dada Nihilismus” – text by Amiri Baraka, read by Gabriel Michal Mustin
“Gibberishliki” – Tatiana Roumelioti
“The Duoverse is Neato” – radio play performed “live” to tape by Aluminum Tadpole in 1989 or 1990. This is included on the album “The Clever Whatever” (Worst Kitchen Records, 2008)
“To My Mother” – text by Edgar Allen Poe, performed by Substance W, from their album “Spring Session W” (2011)

Keep listening, and SUBMIT!

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