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Longmont Potion Castle

RADIO DADA RETURNS with a very special episode featuring none other than infamous surrealist prank-caller Longmont Potion Castle! Listen in for unreleased recordings exclusive to Radio Dada, chosen by LPC himself and sequenced by our dedicated team! Don’t miss this one, and SUBMIT!!

Notes from LPC:
1. Wax Trax + Freaky’s
Snippet of these two businesses with sampling mixed in. Circa 2004.

2. Marijuana Clinic
A fun outtake between a weed doctor and an echoplex. Circa 2008.

3. Leather And Liquor
Snippets of businesses with the same name combined together. Circa 2004.

4. Telechoice Medley
Fun compilation of pranks I did while working as an operator at the phone company. Sending out messages from an inactive phone extension to the entire floor (hundreds of co-workers), then forwarding their responses back to the entire floor, and recording everything, all while at work. Circa 1992.

5. Exorcism
Dialing a random phone number that led to the whole family ganging up on me to do an exorcism. Circa 1988.

6. Cascade Track
Audio collage featuring a guy overusing the word “Track,” basically in every sentence. Circa 2019.

7. Miller Time
An excerpt from the recording of my crazed former employer. Circa 1998.

8. Mario Van Peebles
Found recording with this TV personality confronted with nonsense. Circa 2016.

9. Slick Panther
Groovy song featuring phone operators, drums, Bass VI, stereo guitar, and noise. Circa 2007.

10. Pecoremix
Call to a cheese shop with an echoplex. Circa 2021.

Longmont Potion Castle has been producing albums of bizarre phone calls and experimental metal for nearly forty years, and was the subject of the 2018 documentary “Where in the Hell is the Lavender House”. His fantastic new album just released this month as a CD and a download, give a listen and go buck wild!!

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